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Back in the day, before vegan was a ‘thing’ Charlotte cooked food for her kids that she believed would help them grow into healthy, happy humans. At the time, her daughter Jess would cringe with embarrassment at school lunchtime, taking out her jar of macrobiotic brown rice and seaweed.


But years later, little did she know that this far out way of feeding would stand her in good stead for growing a business that would feed far more than just their little family. Somewhere along the way Charlotte started making raw chocolate brownies. Small squares of deliciousness, filled with the best ingredients but free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar.


Good news travels fast and soon enough family, neighbours and friends of friends of friends were munching these brownies, desperate to get their hands on more. 


Confronted with the madness of our food system, Jess and Charlotte dreamed a brownie shaped dream. The brownies a catalyst for creating a company that people could trust, where food was delicious, where farmers had faces and names that they knew, with ingredients which enriched the planet and people.

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