little brownie


big ambitions

On a table, in a kitchen, in Brighton. Long before oat milk was really a thing. Way back when, when ‘vegan’ was whispered with a shudder, we asked ourselves a question in the shape of a brownie; Why can’t good food do more good? In the way it tastes, in the way it’s made, in the way it affects our bodies, in the way it affects our planet? Despite its dainty proportions.


Working out how every single part of a tasty raw brownie, from the wrapper it’s wrapped in to the people who grow the cacao, was a monumental task. We spoke to farmers, and growers, and pickers, and packers from Peru to the Philippines. To help us answer our questions, to help us see just how much this little square could do. Until one day, we moved off of our table in our kitchen in Brighton. With more determination, more ambition and more commitment than ever. We promised that however big this little brownie got (metaphorically speaking), we’d never stop asking questions. We’d answer every single one, in every way possible to make sure that every single morsel of deliciousness we might make was indeed both good, and had the power to do good.




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